Yue Zhao

Zhao_Yue Yue is a second year student at the Harvard Business School. She a co-president of the Wine and Cuisine Society and organized the conference for the Asia Business Club. Previously, Yue worked in corporate strategy at Cisco Systems, helping the company through a large transformation effort and a new product launch in China. She has also worked as an analyst in the Business Technology Office of McKinsey and Company in Palo Alto, California. There, she focused on product and sales strategy for technology and telecom companies.

Yue has a long term career interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. This past summer, Yue tried her hand at entrepreneurship as a part of DreamIt Ventures, an accelerator program in New York City, incubating a subscription wine e-commerce business called FirstCrush. She plans to continue to explore intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship opportunities in technology and in wine. Yue was born and raised in Nanjing, China and moved to the United States at age 10. She spent most of her adult life in Northern California and received her B.S. in Bioengineering from University of California, Berkeley. Yue enjoys playing badminton, scuba diving, and international travel. She has completed the intermediate WSET sommelier certification and is working towards her advanced certificate.