Yianni Ellenikiotis

Yianni EllenikiotisYianni Ellenikiotis is a current student at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine who plans to work with a pediatric population in the future and to develop health-based interventions on a community and population level. Over the past several years, he has worked in community development, education, and healthcare in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Most recently, he participated in a public health project focused on tooth decay and malnutrition prevention through community-education, teaching specific health interventions that could support sustained behavioral change. He conducted a research project in Ecuador focused on the association between malnutrition and severe childhood caries. Additionally, he aspires to become part of a multi-disciplinary craniofacial team to work with individuals with craniofacial anomalies.

Yianni grew up in San Francisco, California before attending the University of Michigan,where he received his Bachelor’s of Science. At the University, he co-founded the Happiness Initiative, an organization that strives to find purpose and meaning in students’ personal and academic lives while discussing issues that matter to them, challenging one another to have new and formative experiences, and search for genuine happiness. He loves being outdoors, whether backpacking in the White Mountains, walking along the Charles River, or playing sports. He also enjoys relaxing through reading, cooking, sketching, and painting.