Tony Pan

Tony PanTony is a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard’s Physics Department, where he is a Hertz Fellow — the most competitive and prestigious graduate fellowship in science and engineering — and a Soros Fellow, and a NSF Graduate Research Fellow. His research at Harvard focuses on the cosmic dawn, the “Let there be light” moment in the nascent universe, when the very first stars were born.

As an inventor working with Intellectual Ventures, a major intellectual property development firm, Tony is working to make electricity drastically cheaper and far more universally available, and is leading the development of a novel technology aimed at these goals. He also serves as a pro bono external consultant to the Global Health and Global Development programs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For these contributions, Tony was recently selected as a Global Shaper — a World Economic Forum initiative — for the Seattle hub.

Tony worked as a strategist at Goldman Sachs on mortgage department-wide position and risk management during the ‘08-‘09 financial crisis. Other recent activities include serving as an Exhibit Hall Interpreter at Boston’s Museum of Science, and teaching biological signal processing at Harvard.