Sujoyini Mandal

Mandal_SujoyiniBorn and raised in Calcutta, India, Joyi is currently a second year MPP (Masters in Public Policy) candidate at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). With a background in international security and foreign affairs, she spent last summer working on program evaluation for the Ministry of Gender, Liberia and consequently within the Indian federal government in the economics team. Prior to HKS, Joyi is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore receiving a MSc in International Relations and B.A. Political Science from Jadavpur University in Calcutta, India. In Singapore, she spent two years working for a government think tank and two years for an American market research firm doing Asia Pacific defense analysis. She currently focuses on energy, entrepreneurship and public organizational change in her second year at HKS. A big believer in the need for systemic change in India especially with regards to gender security, she hopes to learn and apply her leadership experience and skills from her time at Harvard to contribute to India’s most pressing public challenges. She loves traveling, music and dance and is currently exploring Central and South America on student budget.