Stephen Elliott

Stephen ElliottStephen is a recovering nuclear submarine officer whose business and policy studies focus on entrepreneurship, technology, energy and the environment. Since leaving the Navy, he has assisted the Istanbul city director of the Clinton Climate Initiative, consulted on energy and foreign policy for a political movement in Turkey, worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, interned with a water conservation software startup (WaterSmart) and did a summer stint with Deloitte Consulting on a medical device company restructuring project. He plans to work in tech or an sustainability-related start-up after graduation and will move West (Seattle or San Francisco) in June with his wife and 8-lb terrier-poodle Lupin. He’s currently grappling with the challenge of choosing a post-graduate school job that will prepare him to start a sustainability-related company in the future while giving him enough stability and time to establish a family with his wife and provide for his mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.