Sophia Lalani

Lalani_Sophia Sophia is currently pursing a Master of Design Studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Immediately after graduating, Sophia worked in the South Bronx as an English as Second Language and Literacy teacher with Teach for America. She received a Master of Urban Planning from Columbia University through which she conducted field research in Amman, Jordan on the city’s water delivery infrastructure to Palestinian refugee settlements. After graduating, she worked for the Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan during a particularly tense period in US-Pakistan relations, assisting in campus expansion projects and other development initiatives with the Office of the President. In Kenya, Sophia was a program consultant to the US State Department Conflict Stabilization Operations team assisting the US Government track its footprint in Somalia using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other mapping techniques. Additionally, she crafted a framework for developing local and district governance for Somalia’s nascent democracy for deliberation by the international community. Sophia is currently writing her thesis on the urban dynamics of armed conflict and the use of social media to create spatial visualizations of resource flows, political activity, and community networks.