Shira Alvey

Alvey_Shira Shira is pursuing an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is currently working at WGBH, doing research and content design for an i-pad application (“app”) intended for children with Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Shira is passionate about working with children who have developmental delays and has worked in clinics, rehabilitation centers, and research hospitals in cities around the world, including Melbourne, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Shira is also fueled by a desire to create a multicultural society that is empowered by our differences and connected by our similarities. Throughout her time as an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, she was deeply involved in dialogue projects, community service outreach, and multicultural initiatives. Shira graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2010. In her free time, Shira loves to dance, mostly clumsily, indulge her artistic side with mosaics and photography, and will take any excuse to be outside.