Shane Kiernan

Hane_KiernanI find myself at HSPH after taking a long and circuitous route pocketed by many interesting diversions but I now emerge where it all started, Healthcare. My dad a Doctor and my mum a Nurse my upbringing was typical. Epic games of Operation were standard as were the anatomical models.

After my undergraduate (Business&Law) and postgraduate in finance lead me to a career in Investment Banking where I spent 4 years living in London embracing the purity of capitalism right-up until 2008. Then financial armageddon broke out and I left London for a brief spell as an entrepreneur back in Dublin where I came across a fascinating opportunity with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) volunteering in Kenya. Instantly captivated I sold-up my business and embarked on Karen Blixen’esque voyage of discovery.

Immediately I found a love for Global Health and I promptly found an innate ability to leverage my financial and entrepreneurial skillset to lead transformative projects as part of my work with CHAI. From writing a successful $350 million grant proposal on behalf of the Kenyan Ministry of Health to ensuring access to paediatric antiretroviral combination commodities in rural Ethiopia, I have been privileged to lead such roles.