Rita Chung


Originally from Hong Kong, but growing up between Vancouver, Hong Kong, Duino (Italy) and London, Rita is now pursuing her Master in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, focusing on energy and water policy. Prior to HKS, Rita worked for Earthwatch Institute in their Hong Kong office, developing and managing employee engagement projects on climate change and freshwater scarcity research across the Asia Pacific region for large corporations. Her work at Earthwatch led to her interest in energy and water resource distribution conflicts, and she is interested in finding more equitable and sustainable ways of distributing energy and water resources around the world. In her other lives, Rita has worked in investment banking in London, campaigned for human rights issues in Canada and Israel, and launched a magazine in Shanghai. Her personal interests include snowboarding, horse riding, hiking and traveling. This summer she will be interning for McKinsey Calgary where she will hopefully have a chance to learn more about the Albertan oil sands, attend the famous Calgary Stampede, and find time to hike around the stunning Banff National Park; achieving both her professional and personal interests all in one place.