Nan McGarry

Nan McGarryNan McGarry is a J.D. Candidate at Harvard Law School. She is particularly interested in how non-traditional models of lawyering can be employed to serve marginalized communities. Previously, she worked as a Legislative Intern for Representative Jay Livingstone and a 2nd grade teacher in Chelsea, MA. Despite teaching classes of around 30 students – with 60%+ reading significantly below grade level – Nan consistently achieved above-average gains with her students in both Math and Reading. She is passionate about closing the achievement gap and the student-to-prison pipeline, and is generally enthusiastic about optimizing her impact on the lives of children living in impoverished communities.

During her 1L year she organized a retreat for 1L students engage in small group discussions about how personal identity shapes one’s perspective on race. During the rest of her time at the law school, she hopes to continue encouraging and creating spaces for law students to engage with difficult conversations around race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Nan graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College, where she received a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Spanish.