Max Martina

Max MartinaMax Martina is a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration student whose work has focused primarily on rebuilding small businesses and driving performance improvements through organizational development, strategic initiatives, and change management programs in the green-technology sector. His experience includes senior management roles in manufacturing and hi-tech companies, including multiple start-up ventures within the Griswold family of companies. This work has driven conservation of more than a trillion gallons of fresh water resources in the private sector. Prior to this he also managed a non-profit firm, The Alternative Energy Institute, and appeared in multiple national media outlets such as CNN-I,, and NPR’s Talk of The Nation. After frequently witnessing the ethical and organizational challenges faced by leaders in difficult positions he realized much of the failure he saw was due less to a deficiency in skills and more with self-imposed constraints. This prompted the founding of Self-Aware Leader in 2007, a leadership consultancy working with executives in Fortune 500 companies. Max has a BA from Principia College in Elsah, IL, and is an avid practitioner of the martial art of Aikido. He hopes to help future leaders improve their capacity to drive transformational change. The loves of his life include two daughters and a wife from New Zealand.