Julia Fetherston

Julia is a Master of Public Policy candidate (MPP ’14) at the Kennedy School where she focuses on ways to deliver higher quality government services with less funding and other public finance issues. Julia was a Senior Associate in the Australia and New Zealand offices of the Boston Consulting Group. At BCG, she specialized in the reform of government services, a topic on which she has written extensively. Prior to BCG, was Private Secretary to the Hon. Bill English (Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister for Infrastructure, New Zealand) where she conducted research on online government, social entrepreneurship and national innovation strategy. Julia is passionate about giving citizens the tools to engage in high-quality public discussion. In 2009, she worked with authorities in Qatar and Oman on that country’s schools debating program. She was also the coach of the World Championship-winning New Zealand debate team in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, she led the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, designed to help young women pursue careers in finance. She has been a member of the Australian government’s National Youth Roundtable and the Deputy Chair of her state’s Youth Advisory Council. Julia has an Economics and Social Sciences degree from the University of Sydney. In 2008, she completed her Honors year in International Business with a thesis on the luxury fashion industry. She is now a member of the Alumni Board of her alma mater.