Jessie Wilcox

wilcox_jessieJessie’s interest in design and advocacy stems from an upbringing in the upper Midwest where the problems of post-industrial cities are often approached from the side of policy and social politics, while built environment remains subservient.  Her focus on studying the city and architecture as material artifacts which are equal in fostering social relationships form the bases of her architectural pursuits.  During her bachelor studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Jessie worked for Community Design Solutions through which she participated in a variety of neighborhood and city-scale projects.  She has studied and worked abroad many times in such diverse places as India, Germany and Paraguay in order to understand the huge variety of contexts and relationships of cities and people.  A believer in broad experience, Jessie’s professional work has gone beyond the city to include manufacturing, gallery art, traditional architecture, house cleaning, bar tending, fast food service and commercial gardening.  Most days you can find her daydreaming among buildings. At Harvard, Jessie is the founding member of WorkingGSD which advocates for students with diverse experience because of financial need.  She is currently finishing her Masters of Architecture at the Graduate School of Design.