Inessa Lurye

Inessa is in her final year of the joint MPP/MBA program at Harvard. She is particularly interested in leadership development and innovation in urban areas — redesigning existing systems and services to better meet human needs. She is also a painter.

Inessa_LuryeInessa immigrated to the US from Belarus as a child, and was draw into urban issues as a result of her upbringing in the Baltimore area. She graduated from Swarthmore College, Phi Beta Kappa, with degrees in Political Science and “Urban Studies: Policy and Painting” in 2006. Thereafter, Inessa worked as a business analyst in the New York Office of McKinsey & Company. She then moved back to urban policy work, spending two year in the Executive Office of Mayor Fenty in Washington DC, focusing on redesigning the homelessness and welfare systems in the District. She also helped launch a civic engagement platform for Mayor Bloomberg in NYC.

Currently, Inessa is the CEO Apprentice at Farmigo — a venture backed start-up and B Corp that is working to redesign the food system by creating more direct connections between food consumer and producers.