Grayson Armstrong

Armstrong_GraysonGrayson is currently pursuing a masters in health care policy and management at the Harvard School of Public Health, while he takes a one-year leave of absence from Brown University’s Alpert Medical School. Born in South Carolina and raised in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, Grayson graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a music degree and a chemistry minor. He then began medical school, where he is focusing his studies on Medical Education and Ophthalmology. After his first year of medical school, Grayson helped co-found The Providence Alliance of Clinical Educators, a non-profit that creates and distributes high school teaching materials for science classes nationally, free of charge. Grayson has also been actively involved in the American Medical Association’s Medical Student Section since the beginning of medical school. Driven by a desire to improve the US health care system, he was recently elected to serve as the organization’s Chair-Elect. This past winter, he attended a field study assessing the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan and the Middle East, where he worked with colleagues to implement policy change in the region. In his spare time, Grayson enjoys traveling, playing guitar, singing, and running.