Carolyn Brooks

Brooks_Carolyn3Carolyn Brooks is second year doctoral student at HSPH with a focus on chronic disease prevention in underserved communities. Her research interests include examining and strengthening community-level policy and environmental interventions that address healthy eating and active living and their effects across low-income and minority populations. Selected as a Presidential Management Fellow in 2008 at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Carolyn provided leadership for a variety of communication, policy, and programmatic initiatives across the agency. She joined HSPH from her role as Health Equity Coordinator for the Division of Community Health at the CDC where she led health disparities efforts in the implementation and evaluation of national community health initiatives. Prior to joining the CDC, Carolyn worked at the Southern Center for Communication, Health, and Poverty; and as the Co-Coordinator of the Youth Advisory Board at a teen sexual health clinic. She received her MA from the University of Georgia with a focus in Health Communication. Carolyn’s goal is to bring challenges in reducing disparities from the field into the research setting, and translate disparities research into public health policy and action.