Carly Gelatt


Carly Gelatt is pursuing a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  She was drawn to landscape architecture for its quality as a holistic discipline that carries the capacity to affect positive change environmentally and socially through methods of design.  It is an important emerging field and Carly hopes to be a leader in extending the reach of the discipline’s tools to create healthier cities, implement new models of production and transportation of resource and refuse, and protect the irreplaceable wonders of the world by encouraging a shift away from the outdated duality of culture vs. nature. This academic and professional pursuit is a direct derivative of Carly’s formative context.  She grew up in a place that fostered a profound love for the outdoors, which she engages by backpacking, rafting, skiing, and biking etc.  These activities support her mission of encouraging others to be aware and alive through relationship with place.