Ana Mendy

mendy_anaAna is currently a first year MBA student at the Harvard Business School. Originally from Uruguay, Ana made her way to the Middle East where she spent three years as a management consultant in McKinsey & Company’s Dubai office. There she was lucky enough to pursue her passion of economic development and education reform amidst the chaos of the Arab Spring. Additionally, while at McKinsey, Ana also developed an interest in change management, working alongside major corporations to launch company-wide transformations both in the Middle East, as well as the UK and Mexico. Prior to McKinsey, Ana explored Southeast Asia while working in the Thai-Burma border for the Burmese Lawyers’ Council to help Burmese refugees settle into a life in Thailand. Ana graduated from Harvard College in 2009 with a degree in History where she was the President of the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School and a proud resident of Eliot House. While at Harvard, Ana studied the origins of existing tensions between Haitians and Dominicans, eventually leading to her senior thesis, a particularly relevant topic for her as she attended high school in the Dominican Republic. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Ana is a music enthusiast, an avid traveler, and a foodie!